Learning Consulting Services

Whether you are an organization looking at performance optimization, or you are at the end of the rope where all your training efforts have come to naught, we can help.

Our Learning Experts have the experience to make your L&D initiatives effective. We can tell you what you need to do to improve employee performance, and how to do it. What’s more, we can do it for you.

Here’s our 9-point agenda…
  • Training Needs Analysis:

    Our Learning Experts spend time understanding your pain points – what is it that your employees need to learn, and why aren’t they learning it effectively? We survey your employees, observe your work environment, analyze statistics, and create a preliminary report of your training needs.

  • Training Gap Analysis:

    Okay, so you have L&D initiatives in place – but are they giving you the desired results? We help you identify the gaps, so that they can be effectively plugged.

  • Mapping Training Initiatives to Business Objectives:

    Are your current training initiatives in line with your business goals? Are our observations regarding your needs in sync with your objectives? In this phase, we define the training objectives; then work backwards to ensure that the learning we design fits into the bigger organizational picture. Effectively, ensuring what you get is what you need.

  • Expectation Mapping:

    At this stage, we map expectations – both of the Management, and the Employees. What is it that you want from your employees? Conversely, what do your employees want from you? Armed with this knowledge, we match expectations to create a win-win situation for everyone in your organization.

  • Curriculum Design:

    Knowing what you need, we transform that knowledge into a curriculum. We define the learning objectives and the learning paths, based on your employee profiles and demographics.

  • Deployment Technology Selection:

    Are your training initiatives reaching your employees effectively? Are you reeling under the heavy costs of training deployment? We work with you to you optimize training costs, while reaching out effectively to your employees. We leverage our experience and technology expertise to suggest the appropriate mix of learning deployment platforms – be it ILTs or e-Learning; or a judicious mix of various methods of training.

  • Courseware Design and Development:

    Being a full-fledged learning solutions provider, we possess the expertise to create interactive, engaging courseware for you. We can create custom e-Learning, mobile learning (mLearning), ILTs, and blended learning courses to make your training effective.

    Read more about our capabilities in the Learning Solutions section.

  • Training Deployment:

    We help you deploy your content, online or in the classroom. On mobile phones, or in the mailbox. Ensuring your employees never struggle to reach your content, while you don’t struggle to deliver it to them.

  • Training Effectiveness Evaluation:

    When we partner with you to meet your training needs, we’re with you all the way. So, even after your training programs have been launched, we gather feedback for meaningful insights to the effectiveness of the training. We tweak stuff along the way, ensuring you get maximum leverage out of your L&D initiatives.

Benefits to Customers

Through our Learning Consultancy services, our customers benefit by:

  • Reducing the overall cost of skills acquisition
  • Providing a clear budgetary spend and forecasting
  • Helping create a corporate strategy for purchasing of learning
  • Tracking staff learning closely and maintaining an organizational skills profile
  • Gaining a true understanding of the organization’s skills
  • Designing specific customer programs that are focused to a given need
  • Ensuring the business remains efficient after new technology rollouts
  • Minimize out-of-office time by exploiting alternative methods of skills acquisition
  • Hassle-free hosting of company specific training events that are delivered by internal trainers