Custom Learning Courseware Development


Be it structured course content or just a germ of an idea, we can translate your thoughts into engaging, interactive, effective courses for you.

"Efficacy" is the watchword - rather than hankering after accolades, we focus on helping you derive optimum mileage from your training material. We take a holistic view towards content delivery, so your get courses that give you maximum bang for your buck.

For us, learning is an experience, and not mere transfer of knowledge. Every organization has specific learning needs - so the "one size fits all" approach gets you nowhere. We tailor your curriculum and package it using sound instructional design, visual design and usability principles to ensure your learners' needs are addressed.

Our Expertise

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. -- Confucius

Our expertise lies in providing learning solutions which hit the nail on the head. We have a team of experienced graphics designers, instructional designers and programmers to ensure your learning experience is above reproach.

Interactive Courses:

Learners need more than information on the screen, to learn. To keep learners engaged, we design interactions around the content, ensuring learner participation and maximum knowledge retention. Our sound instructional strategies and design principles go a long way in making courses interesting; at the same time, being uncompromising with the quality of training. Our courses are compliant with standards like SCORM and AICC, so LMS integration is a breeze.

Software Simulations:

Teaching software is tricky - your courses should not end up being a reproduction of the User Guide. To tackle such situations, we assist experiential learning with tools to provide learners safe environments to learn and practice tasks they would require to perform.

Game-based Learning:

What do you do if you have to teach something so boring, it could put you to sleep? Make it interesting - design a game!

At Aims, we take games very seriously. And we make a sincere effort to translate games into a learning activity. So, if your audience can learn better by playing games, so be it.

Our game-based courses, however, are not devoid of strong learning principles at the design stage - based on strong instructional design principles, we create "intelligent" games for your learners.

Story-based Learning:

Its human nature to be more attentive to stories, than to instructions. We draw upon this aspect of psychology to deign learning based on stories that explain concepts, processes, and facts in a way that makes your content engaging, interactive, and fun to learn.

The stories we pen are either linear, explaining parts of a process and the importance of each stage; or, they are complex, branched scenarios where the learner discovers the consequences of each decision that they take.

At the heart of each story-based learning module that we create lies established principles of learning and instructional design. So, every story translates into a success story for your organization!