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Introducing - the Vowel LMS

At Aims, weve been simplifying learning for over a decade now, we are simplifying learning management! We bring you a simple and nice LMS the Vowel LMS, which offers all the features you would find in any other LMS, and many more.

Its all nice and simple, really. Weve put in a lot of thought to make your LMS experience as intuitive as it can get so you and your learners spend more time with the learning content, and less time trying to navigate around the system.

Here are some features that make Vowel LMS a really nice LMS!

Any content. Any format. Upload it, and start teaching!

Vowel LMS supports all types of lesson formats SCORM, TinCan, audio files, video files, PDF, presentations, documents etc.

What We Do

Vowel LMS tracks all content, allowing SMEs the freedom to upload their presentations, documents, audio and video assets, knowing that learner progress will be tracked.

Tailor your reports for in-depth analysis

Administrators can customize reports to view the progress of each learner, as well as generate reports to gauge the efficacy of the learning modules.

Build your own courses, without technical know-how

A built-in HTML5 authoring tool enables facilitators and SMEs easily create lively, engaging lessons by just dragging and dropping elements into the template.

Ensure your learners learn. Assess their knowledge

Various quiz and assessment formats can help build comprehensive testing modules to check knowledge retention among learners. Question banks can also be imported and reused.

Anytime, anywhere learning. So that your learners dont feel tied down

Office. Home. Bus. Train. Let your learners access the courses from any place, on any device, at any time of the day or night!

Manage your offline training sessions with ease

Vowel LMS helps you manage your offline training be it deploying a curriculum, marking attendance, or even managing assignments.

Download the complete feature list to know what Vowel LMS can do for you!

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