Course Localization for Learning Content

Your learners speak different languages - well, we can translate your courses to whichever language you need, to speak to your learners in their language. Our services include getting content translated, identifying voice-over artists for audio, incorporation of the translation into your course, and final deployment.

Content localization is important for entities that are present in diverse locations. It is important to address learners in their own language, for maximum reach and impact. It enables you to adapt to local workforce and local markets. It is, however, quite different from just translating your content from one language to another.

At Aims Digital, we recognize the difference between translation and localization. We take into account local cultures and sensitivities while adapting your course to any language, ensuring that when you reach out to your learners, you can be confident there's no loss of message in translation.

Over the years, we have localized a variety of courses for various regions around the world. Be it Chinese to Spanish, or English to French, we ensure your courses are learner-ready for any language and any country, across the world.