Mobile learning Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody’s on the move – so why should your training be restricted in movement? We can help you port your legacy content to mobile devices, or create mobile-specific courses for you.


We create courses that are platform independent, so your learners are connected irrespective of the device they use, or specific apps for platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

We understand the nuances of mLearning (mobile learning) that differentiate it from traditional e-Learning, and we design courses which are crisp and mobile-friendly. Yes, we can put your training on the move.


Our mobile learning solutions are responsive or adaptive, according to your requirement. We use a variety of technologies to ensure you get a superlative experience in the learning we create for you.


We have embraced the technology that enables a seamless, cross-platform experience. With robust, structured coding, we achieve an interactive, immersive learning experience for your learners to view without technical barriers. Our strong programming expertise ensures the courses we create are SCORM complaint as well.

User Experience

Two factors come to fore when we design mLearning for our clients – interface design, and instructional design. Our UI experts design interfaces that are optimal for the devices the courses are to be viewed on, while our instructional designers ensure the content flows seamlessly yet effectively across various form factors.