Whiteboard Animation

When you are looking for something different to appeal to your target audience - be it a product or service video, or a short learning module - you need an attention grabber. A whiteboard animation provides you with just that, capturing your audience and spreading the message the way you want them to hear it.

One of the biggest advantages of whiteboard animation is that it replicates the way we have learnt, over the ages – with teachers explaining concepts while writing on a blackboard/whiteboard. Whiteboard animations take it a step further, and while the concept of writing is retained, the teaching is enhanced with the use of peripheral animations.

Being in the learning design industry for over a decade, Aims Digital understands the science behind cognitive psychology - and this knowledge helps us in creating whiteboard animations for you that not just work, but creates an impact.

Where Do We Use Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animations are usually used as explainer videos (also known as infomercials or edumercials) to explain features of a product or service, or to explain a concept. An effective whiteboard animation is fast-paced, with a congruent storyline, coupled with high quality illustrations and graphics. These animations work well for short messages - be it for an organization, or for a social cause.

Aims Digital's Involvement
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Illustrations
  • Graphics design
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Flash integration